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Murfreesboro TN family Photographer

Murfreesboro TN family and Newborn Photographer Favorite tip's!

The daunting task of outfits for family photos!

Murfreesboro  Photographer family photography Tennesse

Long dress over short dress, or skirt.

(This is what I feel is everything)

You want to be able to move and have full range of motion to capture the most authentic in the moment, moments. You don't want to have to adjust everything every time you move or bend. Especially with little one's the moments can feel so wild. But that is when you get the sweetest shots too!

Does it pass the test for your comfort level? A lot of times we love to lift our littles in the air and just have fun. If you lift up your little one does your outfit go too far up? If you are going for this look then it is totally fine. If not let's talk about how we can adjust to ensure you are comfortable!

Midi or Maxi dress all day, every day, all the Way.

When bending in different positions, or just having fun. I love a dress with flow, because it adds some fun motion to the image. Plus, my best kept secret is you don't have to worry in that moment if your leg/knee isn't bent perfectly while having fun with your family because you can't see it! It can also give you something to do with your free hand.

All this to say with little kids LONG dress, over short.

If a dress isn't your thing that is okay too! We can work around and with your style!

Murfreesboro newborn photographer family photorpaher TN

Color pallet + Layering outfits + some pattern = Visual interest

Choose a color Pallet first . Don't be afraid of a little pattern, or adding a light jacket over a shirt this will add visual interest to your session! I always say pick whoever's outfit first that may have a pattern and play off of it, OR pick mom's outfit first and plan all the other's around that outfit. This can really help the task feel more reachable having a starting line!

Stay away from matchy matchy it will turn your image dull very quickly.

Let each person be themselves. DO NOT put everyone in the exact same color, or exact same thing.

If it's fall, or early spring plan your outfits with being able to add a light jacket/cardigan over it. Especially for little's! It never hurt's to have plan B especially close to golden hour and sunset. When the sun dips the temp's can change so quickly!

Neutrals and pops of color are totally fine, but stay away from Neon colors and T shirts with words for family sessions.

Over All COORDINATE don't match.

Wear nice newer shoe's OR no shoes. Just be sure your photographer knows about the no shoes so the locations can be coordinated to align.

If you are stuck just ask me. I am always happy to assist with styling your session!

Murfreesboro TN newborn photographer family photogrpahy

Murfreesboro Tennessee Family Photographer

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