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Newborn Photography - Murfreesboro Newborn Photographer - Baby Photographer

Murfreesboro TN | Nashville | Lebanon | Smyrna | Franklin | Shelbyville | Brentwood

And suddenly you were our EVERYTHING

I strive to make your session as peaceful and stress free as possible and my promise to you is that you will leave with memories and an experience to last a lifetime. I know first hand how much goes into those first few days and weeks of bringing home a brand new baby. It can be so overwhelming and you wonder where the days go. 
Photographs are the best way to remember these fleeting moments. As you hold your newborn and kiss their tiny nose. Not only will you have a photograph to cherish, but you will have a memory attached to that photo and that is priceless.  

Newborns are my biggest passion and hold the largest part of my photography heart.
Your babies safety is my number one priority during every session.  I know how important this precious squishy little bundle of joy is to you and that is why I will never stop my newborn education.


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