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Murfreesboro family photographer nashville photographer tn


Murfreesboro Tennessee Family Photographer 

Newborn Artist: Kali Schlemmer

Kali Rae Photography is located in Murfreesboro Tennessee.

Family Photography | Murfreesboro | Franklin | Brentwood | Nashville | Lebanon | Smyrna | Shelbyville | Spring Hill | Manchester | Tennessee

Filling your hearts with a perfect Adventure

Murfreesboro family photographer nashville photographer tn

Family adventure sessions, I would like to say are led by me, but if we are being honest they are led by your tiny people. Making them a very little people friendly experience.

My focus is to capture genuine, natural non-forced expressions to really showcase their little personalities in your family's portraits. 

My sessions are less about perfection and more about giving an idea (prompt) and seeing where your family leads with it.

They are about showcasing your family as you are giving you beautiful genuine moments to hold on to for a lifetime.

Even as their little features change. My goal is to give you something to always remember your family as you were. 

One on one wardrobe styling

I want your session to be everything you envision. Including your outfits! From the color scheme to the textures this all play's a huge roll in a perfectly curated session. I love vision boards (mock ups) of everyones outfits placed together. Already have something you love? Wonderful! We can plan everyone else accordingy!  

Murfreesboro family photographer nashville photographer tn
Murfreesboro family photographer nashville photographer tn

Snuggles and Giggles

My favorite part of a family session is seeing people let go of all of life's stressors and just love on their families. When was the last time you dropped all of your worries and just chased your little ones while they run away laughing? When was the last time you and your spouse danced together?

 A family session is so much more than even the photographs you will recieve. It's the core memories you built together with the people you love most. 


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Murfreesboro family photographer nashville photographer tn
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