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Hey Y'all, I’m Kali!


Born and raised in Indiana, after graduation my high school sweetheart and I found ourselves with everything we owned in the backseats of our cars, heading south to the sunshine state. A few years into our new adventure we were expecting the most beautiful blessing life has to offer. Our sweet little girl – Kyndel Rae’. Although now a-days she is better described as wild, sometimes dramatic, but yet still oh so sweet.


Shortly after her birth we thought we wanted a slower paced life and decided to try out the west coast and soon decided south Florida wasn’t the ideal place for us to raise a family; therefore, we opted to trade our white, sandy beaches for Murfreesboro, Tennessee.


About a year into our new home we found out we were expecting a baby boy - Kaia Drew. Now having the best of both worlds he has completed our family. 


As for me, I am passionate about life and having two little one's of my own makes what I do that much closer to my heart. I find so much joy in being the one to pause that beautiful moment in time. That very day you will look back on and remember exactly how you felt, how you lived – loving, chaotic, and joyful. Capturing this moment of your soul is my passion, my love.  It’s what I do.

Because what we tend to not realize in those everyday motion's is these are the good ol’ days. 


So thank you for taking time out of your busy, sometimes chaotic day to have a look around some of my favorite moments. I look forward to helping you capture your special memories to cherish forever.

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